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Portable generator you can take with you anywhere

“The average grocery store has just 72 hours of inventory

“The average grocery store has just 72 hours of inventory...
and that is easily wiped out even by severe weather warnings.”

The news headlines come and go and with it our awareness of the dire situations around the world.

  • The financial collapse of an entire country, Greece, began only a few years ago with food shortages yet we hear little about Greece's demise and think that it will never happen here.
  • Nine months ago Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast causing billions of dollars worth of damage. In the aftermath the Statue of Liberty still stands closed to visitors without power and phone service. How long it will take for the government to come to your aid in a crisis?
  • Last summer 88% of the nation's corn and soy crop was affected due to a nation wide drought, forcing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to issue a warning early this year that every American can expect to pay significantly more for groceries.

Don't fool yourself! Even if you're not seeing hard times now or the headlines have moved on, once you see hard times yourself, it's too late and hard times will come.

These events that affect our world and us so intensely are beyond our control. But our greatest dependency, food, will enable us to deal with all of these adversities if we are wise in our preparations today.









Introducing the "Survival Sprout Bank" Your Counter-Top Survival Garden

If you’ve never heard of sprouting before, or you’re only vaguely familiar with them, they are the green shoots that emerge from newly germinated seeds. And they are little “powerhouses” of living vitamins and minerals.

Just a cup or two of sprouts per day can provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to supplement your survival food storage and support your immune system. Plus, sprouts can provide you with a much-needed source of plant fiber to keep your digestive system running in tip-top shape.

The Survival Sprout Bank: comes with 55 pounds of sprouting seeds, along with all the equipment you need to sprout them. Equipment includes:

* Three 1/2 gallon wide-mouth glass jars (for sprouting seeds)
* Three sprout jar lids (so you can drain out the water in the sprouts)
* Two shallow trays (to collect drained water)
* One bottle brush (to clean jars)
* Four white 100% cotton towels (also for sprouting seeds)
* Two 5-gallon buckets with lids (to safely store your seeds)

The Internet and print publications are all awash in gardening news. Neighbors stop each other in the street or in the gardening section of Lowes and compare notes. It is, after all, springtime. It's time to get out there in your dirt, till up your garden patch, and grow some vegetables! However, what if your "vegetable garden" is a 10x10 concrete slab in your very tiny backyard? What if your garden spot is actually on the sixth floor of an apartment building and it barely holds your bed and couch, much less a garden patch? Are you doomed to eating GMO foods and nutritionally compromised vegetables for the rest of your life?


If you're space challenged, or even lack a green thumb and have despaired of ever growing anything edible, take heart.

Sprouting is your new hobby!

This whole activity is so relatively easy, and within 3 to 7 days (unlike your friends in their gardens who will wait 2 to 3 months for produce), you'll have edible greens that will infuse your body with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, proteins, and amino acids that your body can stand! And you'll be sprouting seed from many of the same types of crops that they'll be growing--broccoli, radish, peas, and beans, for example.

If you can rake enough stuff off a kitchen counter, a coffee or end table, (or anywhere else for that matter), you can grow your own nutritionally-dense foods. You'll need the appropriate seed, a Mason jar, some type of drain board, a mesh lid for the jar, and water.

You can even sprout in a towel or hemp bag!

Sprouts are considered a "living food." The health benefits of this "living food" cannot be overstated. For example, alfalfa is one of the most commonly sprouted seed, and it's believed to be the most nutritious food in the world. Once those roots begin to emerge, your alfalfa sprout is full of protein, chlorophyll, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and K. 

The research on sprouts has brought us wonderful and encouraging news as well. For example, just eating 2 ½ ounces of broccoli sprouts inhibits the growth of prostate cancer for up to six hours after ingestion! Two ounces of broccoli sprouts a day appears to eradicate H. pylori infections, the ones that cause ulcers, in as little as seven days!

A Japanese study on brown rice sprouts shows a correlation between them and the prevention of Alzheimer's disease associated with Abeta, a peptide that is responsible for the plaque deposits found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

An Italian study found that sprouted legumes--mainly soybeans rich in phytoestrogens--play a significant role in preventing arthritis, building bone density, and reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancers, hardening of the arteries, and stroke.

An Egyptian study found that bean sprouts helped reduce the total cholesterol of lab rats and significantly impacted the weight gain of the animals. An Asian study found that buckwheat sprouts resulted in the same type of cholesterol reduction and weight loss in hamsters.

All in all, the implications and resulting outcomes of scientific studies related to including sprouts in our diets are amazing. Truly, sprouts are one of God's "superfoods"!

And because sprouting increases the seed volume by up to six times the original seed, your sprout garden will give you plentiful nutrition with just four tablespoons of seed to a quart jar. They're available 24/7, anytime you want a snack. You can eat them straight from the jar, mix them into salads, use them to replace lettuce in sandwiches, or even bake sprout bread with them! The possibilities are endless!


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How to Live 'Off The Grid' and Enjoy a Life of Food and Energy Independence Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle or Attracting Unwanted Attention

"One 'not-guilty' verdict led to riots in L.A. and a
hurricane turned New Orleans into third world anarchy...

How would your family survive if the shelves at the grocery store are empty, there's no gas to put in the car and every computer and phone for hundreds of miles is dead?what's in store for your community?"


"Could you survive for a few days...
or weeks without electricity or a trip to the grocery store?"



EnerHealth Botanicals, llc

As all of you know, there has been an unusual increase in the frequency of natural catastrophes and very bad weather world wide.  We do not know when these unfortunate events in nature will occur, so we want to remind everyone that prudence requires that we be prepared for any sort of event that could leave you and your family at risk. 

Reducing the amount of suffering you and your neighbors might endure is a noble act and we ask that you consider your level of readiness for an event(s) that could leave you without food or water for several days or weeks.  Many of you are, and we applaud that. 

We have seen an increase in 'mainstream' attention given to this and it is a subject that we feel is important.  Read on for more information and links to several articles related to being prepared.  Please note the specials for preparedness!

The recent earthquake in Chile will have repercussions for most of us here in the U.S.  Much like the recent abnormally cold weather has increased prices on fruits such as oranges and strawberries, this earthquake will cause increases in prices on many fruit and seafood items that originate in Chile.  The ports and roads are virtually impassable making it impossible to get items to market.

There are several articles listed here that are worth reading.  If you have not thought about your 'preparedness level', we urge you to consider where you are and the possibilities.

We feel that you must think in terms of those items that give you the greatest possible chance of surviving and thriving.  You do not want to compromise your health and immune system. Lack of nutrition is dangerous and can lead to illness.  If you are in a survival situation, illness and low energy are not what you want!

Of course, there are multiple things that you need to consider when preparing.  The following links will help you get to a level of preparedness you might feel comfortable with.

Urban area survival

Survivng an Earthquake-tips

Prepardness/survival outline

Emergency and Earthquake survival

If you are in an area prone to certain types of natural disasters; flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes PLEASE don't wait until the problem is upon you, it will be TOO LATE to order! 

I can't tell you how many times someone has called to get a Berkey or EnerFood order delivered next day, only to find that UPS, USPS nor Fed Ex will not deliver into a 'disaster zone'. 

What if the unthinkable happened? Could your family survive

What if the unthinkable happened? Could your family survive, even for a few weeks, without electricity... hospitals... water pumped in from miles away... and food trucked in from out of state?
  • If terrorists succeed in attacking the U.S. power grid with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, they could throw America into the dark ages in a split second.

  • A new generation of drug-resistant "superbugs" could result in global epidemics that kill up to 100 million people.

  • And as Hurricane Katrina proved, the Federal Government's ability to help during a national emergency is severely limited.
Find out what you can do to prepare to survive a terrorist strike... global epidemic... social unrest... or other serious disaster...

    Dear Fellow American,

    If there is one thing that gives America's security planners nightmares, it's the country's power grid.

    That's because, without electricity, virtually everything Americans depend upon for survival—food, water, heat, transportation, communications—would be threatened on a massive scale.

    Yet experts warn that a single, split-second Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from a nuclear weapon or EMP-producing device would effectively "fry" the nation's delicate power grid and virtually all non-shielded electronic equipment within hundreds of miles.

The implications are horrific:

    Without a large-scale invasion or even a nuclear war, parts of America could be thrown into the dark ages in an instant.
  • No lights.

  • No telephones.

  • No Internet.

  • No radio or television.
    Even most vehicles would not start because of the electronic fuel-injection systems in most cars and trucks.

And that's just for starters!
The entire financial system would also collapse.

  • ATM machines would not work.

  • Banks would be shuttered.

  • Grocery stores would soon be looted.

  • Police would be paralyzed and helpless.

    "If even a crude nuclear weapon were detonated anywhere between 40 kilometers to 400 kilometers above the earth, in a split-second it would generate an electro-magnetic pulse [EMP] that would cripple military and civilian communications, power, transportation, water, food and other infrastructure," said a report from the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, a blue-ribbon panel established by Congress in 2001.




Suppose you're some poor schmuck in India whose country was forced by the World Bank to open up its seed markets to genetically-modified seed from major corporations. Through manipulative marketing practices, these companies seduce you into purchasing their "superior" seed.

There's only one problem--it's not superior. Their little genetic modifications didn't work quite as expected, and you've lost your entire crop. You live in India, you're already poor, and now your last crop is gone. You feel the only thing left for you to do is to drink the pesticide from the company you purchased your seeds from, killing yourself. You are but one of 183,000 Indian farmers who have committed suicide since 1997 over poverty and indebtedness as the result of genetically-modified seeds and the poor return on investment.

Or suppose you're someone living in the "reformed" country of Iraq. Saddam Hussein is gone, as is his terror network. You look forward to beginning a new life under a democratic regime, but soon find out that maybe the "reforms" are just another type of terrorism and noose around your neck, just with a different name. That name is "Corporate Agriculture", and it's as harsh a taskmaster as Saddam Hussein ever was.

You watch the centuries of heirloom products cease to exist under the ravaging advance of genetically-modified seed and its fruit that is foreign to the land of your birth. You cannot save your seed from year to year because you are legally obligated to buy your seed from only select vendors. You have no recourse because the constitution the occupiers helped put into place limits your options for 20 years. As William Engdahl states in his book Seeds of Destruction: "The forced transformation of Iraq's food production into patented GMO crops is one of the clearest examples of (how) ... GMO giants are forcing (these) crops onto an unwilling or unknowing world population."

Let's bring this closer to home with some statistics. The world's largest seed company accounts for 23% of the patented seed market. The top three companies together account for 47% of the patented seed market. These three companies have been estimated to control about 65% of the patented corn seed market worldwide, and over 50% of the patented soybean seed market.

In the U.S.A. alone, 85% of the corn grown is of a GMO variety, soybeans are at 91%, and sugar beet is at a whopping 95%. And don't think that Big Ag's tyranny ends overseas. No, it has extended its arm to small farmers and seed cleaners all over the United States in its attempts to control the seed industry. Cross-pollination is a fact of life. But let your crop become contaminated by the GMO pollen of neighboring farms who utilize GMO-grown vegetables, and watch the private detectives and lawyers of these companies come knocking at your door.

State governments and federal agencies are also complicit in the modus operandi of these corporate giants. The goon-squads that include federal marshals, state and county police of not a few states (Illinois, Missouri and Indiana in particular) have already shut down several seed separating operations that enabled the farmers to easily clean and save their seed from one year to the next. Randomly selected seed tested for GMO traits at these facilities (seed that came from unsuspecting farmers who were the victims of cross-pollination of crops) tested positive and the entire weight of these agricultural tyrants came bearing down on these rural farmers and seed cleaners.

There's going to come a time, however, when the upheaval in the economies of the world are going to be such that even Big Ag isn't going to be able to stop the individual farmer from trying to grow enough food to feed his or her family. By then, though, will these corporations have succeeded in destroying the heirloom seed industry as we know it? Will viable, propagating heirloom seed even be available without costing a fortune to buy?

It's possible to circumvent that eventuality, however. Instead of waiting for the time you need the seed, purchase your heirloom seeds beforehand, while they're still marginally available. These seeds need to be of a superior heirloom variety, have above-average germination rates, be nutritionally dense, and of course, have a shelf life of years.

This seed bank is that product. Packed with 22 varieties of vegetables, this seed bank contains enough seed for you to plant a one-acre crisis garden. Each seed is dried to the precise level needed to lock in vigor and maintain an extremely long shelf life. The foil pack is sealed with a special desiccant designed to keep the seed fresh for 20 years at 70 degree temperatures.    Frozen can possibly increase that shelf life by five times or more!) They are then packed in a waterproof container for long-term storage.

Herbal Remedies Are Here

Experts are telling us that Americans are just one disaster away from living like Haitians, where food, water and electricity are scarce but medical care is available only to the privileged few.

Let’s face it... news of natural disasters around the world are recurring with alarming frequency, terrorists are promising to hit us at every turn. Now governments and big business are colluding to use economic problems for their own benefit. 

And when disaster does strike, the first responders are likely to be military, and their primary concern will be establishing law and order, not providing medical assistance. The recent catastrophe in Haiti and the government’s response to Katrina show that governments fear anarchy much more than they desire to take care of the sick or injured.




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